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Friday, January 16, 2009

Spammer Exposed - IP

As usual, Bursa Chat was spammed today. Ah Seng has no problem with it. Ah Seng will let him spam all he wants, Ah Seng dont care, but Ah Seng just wanna show some interesting facts that Ah Seng been keeping to himself and ZL.

This is how Bursa Chat looks like when it got spammed.
And this is what Ah Seng can see when Ah Seng is logged into cbox website. Please click on the photo to enlarge. Look at the red circle ===> IP address

When Ah Seng googles the ip address ie, two results popped up. Here are the two results. Click here. and here

The photos is snapshot of the website the spammer often visit and leave his comments.

This another one click here

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1 comment:

nkh said...

Yeah...this quite a good trace for those who spamming the blog. This guy really is a rubbish.

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