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Monday, October 4, 2010

Get customized mobile solutions for your business type exclusively with Celcom Biz

Businesses are always looking at ways to limit overheads to enjoy bigger profitability. High costs could include mobile services since most telcos offer packages for multi-national corporations and may not look at flexible packages for smaller businesses. Mobile service options are also limited for small businesses.

But not anymore, Celcom Biz now offer customized mobile solutions according to different business types focusing on SOHO, small & medium businesses.

To help you identify the perfect package for your business, here’s the summary of our various plans


As a SOHO business such as the Suria Shoes KLCC, cutting costs and increase supply chain efficiency are key, hence, you may want to consider our mobile solutions that include mobile office and fixed wireless solutions to include:

There are also 2 flexible packages to cater to your business type with amazing offers to cater to 1- 10 employees such as:
1. 10 sen flat to any numbers, anytime
2. Lowest BlackBerry packages
3. FREE GSM Desktop Phone

Option Plan 1: RM386 Monthly Commitment

1.      Option Plan 2: RM446 Monthly Commitment

For small businesses with at least 1-10 employees such as that of Transview Golf, a dynamic small-sized company, the mobile solutions that fit them well were the Celcom Biz mobile office, fixed wireless solutions and unrivalled IDD rates package.

This package includes benefits such as:
- 10 sen flat to all numbers, anytime
- Lowest IDD from 10sen/min
- FREE Celcom Broadband Wireless Router (voice + data)

Flexible options available for small businesses include:
OPTION PLAN 1: RM396 Monthly Commitment


Option Plan 2: RM148 Monthly Commitment

Medium-sized Businesses
Celcom Biz also has the perfect packages for medium businesses such as Poh Yap Holding, a mid-sized manufacturing company that wanted to improve cost efficiency.

What’s best for them were the Celcom Biz hosted email solution that provided the company with an email identity with unlimited user access and also the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server express for employees’ productivity whilst on the go.

Benefits include:
- Zero Capex Hosted Email Solution
- Zero CAL BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express License
- 10 sen flat  to any numbers, anytime

Find out more or to sign up today!
To know more about our SME/ SMI packages that suit your business type, all you need to do is to visit the Celcom Biz site at or contact our Celcom Biz Account Manager or just call 1-800-111-777.

Why Celcom Biz?

- Our commitment to serve
- Flexibility
- Best nationwide coverage
- Best global coverage
- Best Customer Service

To find out more about Celcom Biz, log on to

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