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Monday, December 21, 2009

How Much Money Do I Earn From Blogging

How Much Money Do You Earn From Blogging? I have been asked this question many times, by friends, bursa chatters and fellow bloggers. How much do you guys think I earn per month from blogging? RM50 or RM100 or more than RM1000 per month? The answer to that question is in the pictures below. Just click on the pictures to enlarge.

After you have seen all the snapshots, you do your own maths. Please calculate for me how much I earn from blogging? Not that much lar .... wakaka.... cannot become millionaire. Maybe, just enough for Christmas buffet dinner in KL Hilton for two :).

The picture below is a snapshot from Innity. Innity is a local company (public listed stock code : 0147) that pays in MYR (Malaysia Ringgit). I know many bloggers earn more than RM500 per month from Innity alone. So i am still far from reaching that amount.
The next picture is a snapshot of my income from adsense the BIG BROTHER of all. Adsense is my best paying master, never late. Adsense pays in US dollar. That means I am very happy when dollar is strong, stronger dollar = more MYR for me :). I used to get more than MYR3.60 per USD 1.00, but nowadays, only MYR3.40+ :(.

Next is Advertlets, lousy company. Very bad paymaster. Got to wait for months before I get paid. The reason I choose Adverlets over Nuffnang is ..... Nuffnang pays very low.
There are 2 or 3 more sponsors, but not much. Now I am trying out Infolinks. I just registered with them 2 days ago. Hope they will give me good money.

I hope I have answered many of you out there who are curious to know my income from blogging. And thank you every one for your support.

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1 comment:

CT Lim said...

Good job Philip. Keep it up. I am learning to blog and hope to earn as much as you.

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