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Monday, February 16, 2009

Muhibbah Engineering (M) Bhd

FY09P/E: 4.2x, P/BV: 0.9x

• The stock is hovering in a bullish Ascending Triangle formation. As the trend line support was well supported last week, we believe the underlying tone for the stock could have improved.

• MACD is poised for a positive crossover while RSI is rising towards the upper band of the neutral zone.

• Accumulate on weakness with resistance seen at RM1.09 and RM1.19. Cut loss if it breaks below RM1.00 as next support is weaker at RM0.945.

Muhibbah Engineering (M) Berhad is an investment holding company which provides civil, marine and structural engineering contract works. Through its subsidiaries, the company also manufactures engineering products and distributes and markets construction materials. Muhibbah also repairs and builds ship, produces and leases cranes, trades computer hardware and invests in properties.


Muhibbah Engineering (M) Bhd is a public listed company on the Main Board of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE). Since 1995, Muhibbah has achieved the ISO 9002 certification in the construction sector, placing strong emphasis on quality and safety in every aspect of operations, and also the first construction company in Malaysia to have accomplished this.

Muhibbah is well known for being a leader in Marine Construction; since its incorporation in 1972. Today, Muhibbah also stands firm in the various discipline of Engineering Construction, both locally and internationally.

Discussion in the chat box on Muhibbah (please read from the bottom)

16 Feb 09, 17:32
kum moh: i do not know.

16 Feb 09, 17:32
chor ko: kum moh, do u think muhibbah is one of the govt's subsidiary stock??

16 Feb 09, 17:28
jean: thanks kum moh... that's TA!

16 Feb 09, 17:27
kum moh: Muhibbah Engineering (5703.KU) flat at MYR1.03 in moderate volume, continues to hover in bullish "Ascending Triangle" formation dating back to October 2008, says CIMB. Notes stock holding support at trend line since last week, may continue to rise toward upper boundary of Wedge (MYR1.14) in coming days. Says Stochastic has already made bullish crossover while MACD poised to turn bullish. Adds RSI hooked down recently but still in neutral territory; investors may want to accumulate on weakness; pegs resistance at MYR1.09, next at MYR1.19. "Cut loss if it breaks below MYR1.00 (psychological); next support weaker at 94.5 sen. Muhibbah Engineering provides civil, marine and structural engineering contract works through its subsidiaries. (VGB)

16 Feb 09, 17:27
kum moh: cimb also agree with you.

16 Feb 09, 17:25
jean: sensen, yaa i agreee with you.

16 Feb 09, 17:25
sensen: my sen..dun u think so? jean?

16 Feb 09, 17:24
jean: sensen... so u agree muhibbah is going up??

16 Feb 09, 17:22
sensen: muhibah is tight but not tight for down la, that oso cannot see? what charting?

16 Feb 09, 17:22
jean: hehe why not do some homework... and discuss about muhibbah tonight?

16 Feb 09, 17:21
kum moh: kum moh IS not gila.

16 Feb 09, 17:21
kum moh: gila wrong way, you go gila without money.

16 Feb 09, 17:20
kum moh: but it must gila in your way.

16 Feb 09, 17:20
Adosco: wakakakakakakaka..kum moh

16 Feb 09, 17:20
jean: but looking at the vol... its to up?

16 Feb 09, 17:20
kum moh: means if gila one can make money.

16 Feb 09, 17:20
jean: but as kum moh said... it could go either way...

16 Feb 09, 17:20
Adosco: BB belom expand

16 Feb 09, 17:19
Adosco: wat does it mean???

16 Feb 09, 17:19
jean: adosco... can see or not... muhibbah is still tight

16 Feb 09, 17:19
Adosco: today closing dn

16 Feb 09, 17:19
Adosco: tq jean....friday's vols gila meh

16 Feb 09, 17:18
kum moh: not gila for me.

16 Feb 09, 17:16
jean: why kum moh?

16 Feb 09, 17:16
kum moh: maybe my eyes is gila.

16 Feb 09, 17:15
kum moh: my gila chart telling me muhibbah is tight.

16 Feb 09, 17:11
jean: adosco... if muhibbah is involved in the water deals, isn't it good to invest in muhibbah?

16 Feb 09, 17:08
Adosco: tat one bcos of the water deals

16 Feb 09, 17:06
jean: kum moh yaa can ca see why?...but chart doesn't lie...

16 Feb 09, 17:06
kum moh: some not too gila people think run on construction.

16 Feb 09, 17:05
kum moh: last friday gamuda went gila.

16 Feb 09, 17:05
jean: muhibbah i mean

16 Feb 09, 17:05
jean: adosco...yaa tight!!

16 Feb 09, 17:04
jean: true... but why the exceptional high vol last friday??

16 Feb 09, 17:04
Adosco: jean tight???

16 Feb 09, 17:03
kum moh: it can go gila either way.

16 Feb 09, 17:03
jean: kum moh muhibbah BB has been squeezed tight

16 Feb 09, 17:02
Ah Seng: kum moh, muhibbah no chance to be gila?

16 Feb 09, 17:01
kum moh: i see on dow jones cimb say got chance to gila to 114. now that's gila.

16 Feb 09, 17:00
kum moh: got chance to be gila?

16 Feb 09, 17:00
kum moh: why muhibbah?

16 Feb 09, 16:56
jean: it could also mean those who has insider news has collected!!..

16 Feb 09, 16:55
Adosco: jean then if tat the case better dont touch lor

16 Feb 09, 16:50
jean: product means quota for MBB clients has been taken up..

16 Feb 09, 16:49
recoup: adosco, yes

16 Feb 09, 16:49
Adosco: cash upfront meh recoup

16 Feb 09, 16:49
Ah Seng: big player reading our chat box le

16 Feb 09, 16:48
Ah Seng: see the q at 101...after ah seng post the chart hahaaa

16 Feb 09, 16:48
recoup: muhibbah classified as cash product in mbb, cannot buy unless use cash account

16 Feb 09, 16:47
Adosco: muhibah=range strategy

16 Feb 09, 16:47
ha: but long time i heard

16 Feb 09, 16:46
ha: insider news

16 Feb 09, 16:45
ha: muhibah only can go in around 0.8-0.9

16 Feb 09, 16:44
Adosco: try...RM1 .00 SUPPORT level have been holding quite well for quite sometime...but the problem is since then the stock not making much progress

16 Feb 09, 16:44
TRY: seng, what price you think can go in?

16 Feb 09, 16:43
Ah Seng: zen, not yet

16 Feb 09, 16:42
zen: seng kor, u got bot muhibah?

16 Feb 09, 16:41
Ah Seng: TRY, monthly chart

16 Feb 09, 16:34
TRY: thanks seng... can be considered...below RM1.

16 Feb 09, 16:33
Ah Seng: TRY, Credit Agricole Asset Management S.A (538,100 Shares Disposed) has been disposing muhibbah since late november08 but epf and tabung haji has been collecting ever since

16 Feb 09, 16:27
Ah Seng: try, well supportted at around 99

16 Feb 09, 16:24
TRY: @seng, what is the support?

16 Feb 09, 16:17
Ah Seng: TRY,

16 Feb 09, 16:12
TRY: anyone on muhibah, any chart ?

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