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Friday, January 9, 2009

Dow Hammer / TWSCorp & KUB

By Zhuge Liang

DJIA Vague Hammer formation
In addition, there was a vague hammer candlestick formation in the Dow last night. Although this hammer candlestick formation was not a white candle for it to be considered a pure hammer, nevertheless it does reaffirms the status quo bullish underlying strength of the Dow.
The Dow also managed to hold above its short term MAV lines which means that the bears are kept at bay, at least for now.

Strategy : Maintain Bullish stance in the short term
The reaffirmation of the bull would see us maintaining the status quo call of a short term bull. We hold on to our recommendation of trades in banking stocks as well as other second liner stocks like TWSCORP and KUB.


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