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Tuesday, September 30, 2008



Well, for starters, chat chat chat luk fatt is spelt (or fried) Cantonese style meaning SEVEN SEVEN SEVEN SIX EIGHT or 777.68 ..... that's the digit losses when DJIA tumbled 777.68 pts overnite in Wall St when US Govt USD 700 Bil financial rescue package failed.

This is the biggest 1 day sell off and closest thing to panic selling if ZL can remember correctly. Global mkts will be knackered today but where some Toilet Kings run screaming like headless chiche little "IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD" ZL smells $$$

Strange but true. Where many traders lose $$$, some traders who knows opportunity when they see one, will prosper. This is due to calm nerves and an even cooler head.

ZL's last article on bear flags & pennants was timely published and at the last few sentences of the weekly charts, another big flag or pennant will favour traders whose adopted strategy is SEE $$$ TAKE $$$ .

Well folks here is your prayers answered. Let see how much you can take OFF the table. BURSA is gonna be less volatile due ro Hari Raya 2 day holidays. But the drop will not be anything less than expectured.


Zhuge Liang

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