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Monday, April 11, 2011

In today’s world, we need the help of the latest technology to progress or outshine our companies in an ever-growing global market.

The latest technology may include handling of calls whether we’re in the office or outside the office. We depend on a business telephone system so powerful that it can keep up with our employees. Ideally, it should be a system that can perform the following functions:

- Allow an unlimited number of extensions
- Never ring as busy mode to the caller
- Improve employee productivity with ACD (or Automatic Call Distribution) queuing
- Automatically update the latest features without any external help while keeping costs lightly under control

Believe it or not, the all NEW Celcom Biz Virtual PABX services offer all of the above and much more!

Some of the amazing features of Celcom Bix Virtual PABX – that allows your employees to work from anywhere and still receive all the important calls:

What’s more, Celcom Biz Virtual PABX has you covered wherever you and your employees are from wireless functionality at a cost that’s friendly and affordable.
It’s the best virtual PABX catered exclusively for your business!

Celcom Biz also offers the best plans & best rates to help you keep costs lightly under control. See it for yourself and choose the various plans that best suit your business environment

SMS rates are applicable with SMS Pack subscription at RM2 per month. Otherwise standard SMS rates apply according to the plan:- - P28: 15sen (Celcom) & 20sen (others). - P48: 10sen (Celcom) & 20sen (others). - P98: 10sen (all networks). - P148: 10sen (all networks)

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